Head / Talent hunter

Head and talent hunter

Definition: Action that requires the headhunter to find, by means of networking, the best candidates working in a specific industry. Once the candidates are identified, the headhunter approaches them in a professional manner in order to develop an interest in the position that he has to fill.

Synonyms of head hunting: direct approach, talent hunting



1st Candidate: It’s an opportunity to improve his/her working conditions and possibly gain access to a faster path to advancement.

2nd Client-employer: This gives the employer an opportunity to meet and hire the most qualified candidate as per their requirements in an efficient manner which should lead to a higher degree of overall success.

The role of the recruiter is to accompany the employer and the candidate during the entire process. Therefore, this will ensure that both parties understand the expectations of the other, and maximize the chances for success to create a win-win situation.

For a talent hunt to be successful, all parties have to gain something out of the experience.

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