Our code of ethics

Ethical principles inspired by the CRHA Code of Conduct

  • Provide employer clients with loyal, professional service.
  • Respect the confidentiality of all information obtained from employer clients and candidates.
  • Provide employer clients with accurate, complete information on candidates’ personal background, experience and qualifications (with the candidates’ permission).
  • Treat candidates objectively with professionalism, confidentiality and without discrimination.
  • Provide candidates with accurate information concerning the job description and qualifications of the positions offered by employer clients.
  • Do not schedule any interviews until authorized to do so by the employer client.
  • Do not solicit any candidates placed by ABP Personnel Consultants who are still employed by the employer client who hired them.
  • Do not charge any fees except to employer clients. Candidates must never be billed for our services, either directly or indirectly.
  • Always tell the truth in all forms of communication; never make false or misleading statements.
  • Ensure that all advertising promotes only the services actually provided by ABP Personnel Consultants.
  • Do not engage in any conduct, practice or statement that could harm or discredit an employer client or candidate.

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