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You have relevant experience and training in engineering or information technology. You’re ready for new challenges or a career change. The first step of your job search in engineering or IT is easy: send us your résumé and let ABP Personnel Consultants help you find a better job.

Finding your ideal job

You are an engineering technician or a professional engineer working in civil, mechanical, electrical, computer, industrial, chemical, forestry or aerospace engineering, or physics. You are creative and enjoy improving and designing tools, equipment and processes. You’d like to help build large-scale, complex projects. Visit the engineering Jobs page!

You work in IT as a programmer, network manager or technical support agent. You have impeccable logic and an innate aptitude for the analysis, design and evaluation of functional applications and tools. You quickly grasp the needs of your clients and successfully guide them towards possible solutions. Visit the IT Jobs page!

Information technology (IT), engineering and production - ABPPRS

Submitting your resume

You can choose to submit your resume at any time with or without a conversation/meeting with one of ABP consultants. However, an in-depth interview is essential to the hiring process. It helps us determine whether you have the profile sought by one of our clients. It also enables us to validate your needs and expectations.

Candidate services are provided free of charge!

If you’d like to strike a better work balance by finding a job that offers challenges commensurate with your abilities, ABP is there to guide your job search. Visit the engineering and IT Jobs page to see the variety of positions available in your sector. And send us your résumé today!


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